SMB Case Studies: Enterprise Modernization


What do you do when your technology has reached its maximum potential, but you need more? Karma Strategies architects, programmers and business advisors can help you enhance and extend your capabilities and performance by developing custom enterprise applications. By utilizing our proven crowdsourcing model, we can leverage the world's best talent to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for your business.


CHALLENGE: BillMeLater (since acquired by Paypal) needed to implement a robust infrastructure that would allow them to expose a set of web services to partner clients like Dick's Sporting Goods and Toys R'Us who wanted to provide reliable and secure payment capabilities on their websites.

KARMA STRATEGIES SOLUTIONS: The Karma Strategies team worked closely with BillMeLater to define a detailed set of requirements and roadmap to create the solid, reliable and secure payment processing infrastructure their clients demanded. Our solution included development testing, monitoring production environments, managing change control processes and building the software and architecture that successfully integrated and supported BillMeLater's platform with the largest eCommerce sites in the world.


CHALLENGE: Reston Radiology Consultants is one of the premier providers of diagnostic and interventional radiology services in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. To better serve their patients and physicians, they needed to update their existing radiological information system application to streamline complex patient data processing and to integrate with the latest technology.

KARMA STRATEGIES SOLUTIONS: To ensure Reston had a solution that considered all aspects of their business, Karma Strategies thoroughly evaluated their existing applications, technologies and processes. The team re-wrote their application to utilize a more scalable .net technology and integrated it with GE's imaging hardware and software. This provided expanded capabilities to manage large amounts of patient and physician data throughout their office and remote locations. The end result provided Reston with an exclusive radiological information system that was a key factor in the company's acquisition by a larger radiological institute.



Every organization has unique industry and business challenges and that's why Karma Strategies approaches every project with a creative mind and a thorough assessment. We find out what you want to achieve from all angles – business, technology, user, process and budget. Our experts are known for their extraordinary ability to balance innovation and reuse, allowing us to deliver solutions that maximize performance while minimizing your costs, risks and disruption.


Whether we are extending functionality of your existing systems or designing a new system from scratch, we use a variety of proven technologies, techniques and talent to help you achieve more than you thought possible. Because we are vendor agnostic and employ a successful crowdsourcing model, you are assured a solution that fits your requirements, your budget and your schedule.


  • Enterprise application development
  • Application implementation, integration and support
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Market impact studies
  • Enterprise client/server
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supply chain management systems
  • Custom management and reporting
  • E-Commerce and E-Business
  • Payment processing systems,