Evidant Corporation, USA

Dynamed Solutions, USA

Onebridge Consulting Group, Canada

Sundowners Overland, Australia

POSCO, Korea

Philanthropy Performance Management, USA


Cypress Networks, India

Tribeca Consulting, USA

Client: Aldo Avanzini

Project: An innovative e-commerce concept by which buyers and sellers have more control and easier experience in setting up purchases as well as sells.


(a) Early requirements capture
(b) Gap analysis to identify future challenges in the existing thought process
(c) User Story development and phased approach suggestion to match budget provisions
(d) Planning the solution
Client: Damon Gadson – www.shinemyride.com

Project: Development and maintenance of digital presence for a car-wash and service company.


(a) Web site development
(b) Maintenance of existing web site
(c) Various software development tasks for marketing of services
(d) Requirements capture going on for online service booking and scheduling
(e) Lower TCO for maintenance tasks with fastest turn-around timing
Client: Allen Dezfoli at Omega Courier

Project: Stop profit bleeding and establish critical business continuity to prevent customer grievance


(a) Crashed SCO system recovered
(b) Restored critical services like invoice print services
(c) Backup process established to prepare for future crashes as disk is out of date
(d) Maintenance switched to much lower costs with improved communication and updates
(e) Proposed a better system architecture with web-accessibility and lower TCO
Client: Tim Hoolihan at www.LvlSvn.com

Project: Development and maintenance of .net based solution for managing violations of real-estate properties (www.ConnectionComplinace.com)


(a) Maintenance of existing solution with MVP architecture
(b) Documentation of architecture and business flow of solution
(c) Identification of challenges within existing architecture in terms of scalability
(d) Overall lower TCO achieved
(e) Enhancements suggested for better business value with existing solution
Client: Allan Demers at www.PaverOutlet.com

Project: Online presence, BPO and E-commerce setup


(a) Web-site development using PHP/MySQL
(b) Maintenance of content on the site in response to various marketing strategies
(c) Extension to e-commerce using Magento paveroutlet.com/magento
(d) Back-office maintenance of accounts
(e) Planning for customer call-center2

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